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Inciting success for the arts in Hamilton.

Founded in 2011, the incite Foundation for the Arts is a non profit organization dedicated to revolutionizing support for the arts in the Hamilton Community. Our organization strives to enrich the lives of Hamiltonians and visitors by championing visual and performing arts charitable institutions in the area.

We intensely believe in the power of the arts to enrich communities, attract new visitors and economic growth to our city, initiate strong bonds of friendship and promote confidence and self esteem in individuals of all ages. Our goal is to create a cultural revolution in Hamilton by allowing arts related organizations to thrive without fear of monetary encumbrance. Since 2011, incite has donated over $500,000 to Hamilton area arts organizations.

Tax deductible donations to the work of the incite Foundation are very welcome. Join us in inciting a cultural revolution and contributing to the artistic heritage and future of the city of Hamilton.


incite Foundation's 2nd Balcony Project


incite Foundation for the Arts is pleased to announce the HPO 2nd Balcony Project, a Matching Fund Program in conjunction with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra


The funds raised through incite’s Matching Fund 2nd Balcony Project will enable corporations and individuals to sponsor second balcony seating for the HPO’s concert series at Hamilton Place, provide free tickets to social groups in the Hamilton area, and introduce new audiences to the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. 


Currently, the second balcony at Hamilton Place is closed during HPO performances.  For incite Foundation’s 2nd Balcony Project, the cost of a second balcony ticket is $25. The total cost for a full balcony (400 seats) is $10,000 per concert ($25 x 400). The incite Foundation will provide up to $5,000 per concert, with the remaining half of the funding for each concert being contributed by individual or corporate sponsors.  In addition, the 2nd Balcony Project allows the balcony seating to be partitioned to facilitate flexibility in the level of sponsorship by participating individual and corporate sponsors.



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