About Us

Carl & Kate Turkstra

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Our Co-Founders

Carl Turkstra (1936 – 2022) and his wife Kate (1936 – 2023) shared a passion for the arts and a fervent belief in the power of the arts to enrich communities. Together they founded the incite Foundation for the Arts in 2011 as a non-profit organization dedicated to revolutionizing support for the arts in the greater Hamilton area.

In addition to providing funding to arts organizations, a founding goal of the Foundation is to incite members of the community to build a vibrant cultural life.

Through the incite Foundation Carl and Kate Turkstra’s legacy lives on. Thanks to the Foundation many arts organizations in the greater Hamilton and Bay areas are continuing to grow and thrive.

Since 2011, the incite Foundation for the Arts has invested more than $6 million in over 30 arts organizations across the greater Hamilton area.

In 2016, Carl and Kate were inducted into the Hamilton Gallery of Distinction, “for their contributions to a stronger Hamilton, for their invaluable investments in community arts and education, and for their quiet and humble approach to leadership and philanthropy.”

"Strong cultural institutions are essential for the economic development and quality of life in any community. Hamilton’s major music, art and theatrical organizations as well as the dozens of smaller organizations need and deserve the support of our citizens. I hope that this initiative will incite Hamiltonians to rise in support of their cultural life."

Our Mission

To support program excellence and creativity in performing and visual arts organizations in the Hamilton Area.

To contribute to the financial stability of performing and visual arts organizations.

To provide opportunities for children and young adults to experience the joy of the performing and visual arts.

Incite award For the arts

The incite Award for the Arts was established in 2014 to celebrate members of the community who through their commitment, philanthropic leadership and passion have made important contributions to advancing the arts in the greater Hamilton region.

Award Winners

  • Dr. Michael & Mary Romeo
  • Alan & Marlies Clark
  • Ron & Donna Patterson
  • Dr. Robert Summers-Gill
  • Wally Pieczonka
  • Dan Lawrie


With the generosity of incite Foundation for the Arts, HCC has succeeded in offering a safe community space for our children & youth that has enabled them to discover their own voice through life-changing music education and performance experiences."